Otter Watching Packages

Whether you want to see an otter for the first time, or are a serious photographer, we have a package to suit your needs and help you in your quest. 

To avoid disapointment please book early for a 

May - June - or July  booking.


Otter with sea Scorpion


Our prices are as follows:

Individual Guiding:
£100 per person per day (a day being 6-8hrs).
£150 per couple per day.


 These prices are based on you having 

exclusive  use of our services for the day - you will not be part of a larger group.


Photographic £250 per day.

This price is based on a package of one to one guiding. Once again you will not be part of a group.

 Corporate & TV

We also carry out Scientific surveys for Environmental Impact Assessments and population estimates

If you require our professional expertise in the field contact us today for prices.

How To Book 

Contact us to book.

Further Information

Clothing and Footwear

Please bring sensible clothing and footwear to suit Shetland's changeable weather - you are 60 degrees north don't forget. You should have warm-waterproof clothing and waterproof boots. We can advise on any of the above and provide binoculars (essential) if required.

Note: The otters do not appreciate brightly colored jackets or trousers!


All we ask is that you are reasonably active as we cover on average 2-5km walking quietly along the seashore and remaining still for periods, if we encounter otters.(Although we have succeeded in getting people close encounters from their cars!

We hopefully won't need to walk too far but we can never predict what the day will bring, distance is not an issue but the terrain is not easy there are no paths just undulating coastline of uneven ground and rocky shoreline.

Food and Drink

We do not supply food or drink so please bring your own or we can stop during the day and visit a local café for a break.


John Aitchison Wildlife cameraman and filmmaker

"I have spent hundreds of days filming otters in many parts of Britain but John gave me some of the best views I have ever had. Best of all, I know that the otters' interests always come first. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

John Aitchison (pictured right)

Wildlife Filmmaker and BBC Cameraman




"My day out with John Campbell on the wild shorline of Shteland was a complete pleasure. I have filmed otters in Shetland several times over the last twenty years and can not think of a better way to spend a winters day than being out in the wild Shetland coastline with John. Shetland is probably the best place in Britain to watch wild otters but the experience is far greater when you are in John's company. He knows the otters as individuals, not only can he get you close to them but he knows where their holts are. how many cubs they had last year and if you are lucky what they had for breakfast that morning. His patience, gentle humour and knowledge make him a great companion in the feild".

Ian McCarthy

Wildlife Filmmaker and Photographer